Digital Marketing: Innovations to Watch out for in 2020

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As technology became more affordable and started to integrate into our daily lives through smart devices, online stores, and numerous other technologies that facilitate and power businesses across the world, brand promotion shape-shifted and adapted to these new circumstances. Nowadays, digital marketing is the cornerstone of revenue growth and market expansion, providing business owners with a series of channels to interact with the audience.

Furthermore, digital marketing utilizes the analytical capabilities of modern software solutions to enhance the value of each dollar we invest in the promotion of our enterprises. The versatility of content, mobile and desktop platforms, audience targeting, and numerous marketing metrics are what makes digital marketing such a powerful tool that’s steadily becoming the mainstream advertisement approach.

The evolution of digital marketing is a constant struggle to keep up with the development of current technology and market requirements, which is why we are going to let you in on the latest innovations in digital marketing that you should keep in mind for the year 2020.

AI predicting human behavior

It’s one thing to have an AI-driven software taking care of your schedule, organizing traffic routes, or managing your storage, however, next year we’ll have AI predicting consumer behavior to enhance the performance of your digital marketing strategy. We’ll no longer only know what our target audience is interested in but also how each of the followers reacts to different inputs.

The development of deep learning algorithm allows Artificial Intelligence to learn human languages, predict events based on previous trends, and that’s just scratching the surface of possibilities of the latest tech. The benefits of this innovation include cost-efficiency, the potential for higher retention rate, and overall improvement of marketing strategy.

We’ll have the ability to contact an essay writing service and provide means to create marketing content that will provoke just the reaction we are looking for with our readers. If targeted ads were a jump to hyperspace of the advertisement industry, this innovation will transcend the future of digital marketing. The technology is already in use, however, for now, only the largest corporate entities have the infrastructure for it. Keeping in mind the pace in which technology is moving forward and the latest announcements of Google reaching quantum supremacy, we can expect 2020 to be the first year in which marketers can predict what you’re going to say to their offer.

AR growing strong

The problem with online shopping is that you can’t try on for size those shoes you found or test the firmness of the couch you’re looking to buy for your living room. Still, the number of online shoppers is growing and is expected to reach a figure higher than 2 billion shoppers by 2021, according to research published on the Statista website. These numbers are high already, nevertheless, the issue at hand is how to battle through the unforgiving competition and you become the one that sells more products that the guy next to you?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows us to mix reality with digital content in real-time. It’s the same technology that brought us Pokemon chasers a few years back if you remember that trend at all. Nowadays, AR evolved so much so that there are commercial real estate companies offering virtual tours of their assets during which you could change the furniture design and layout, change the paint, and add new features, all so that you could make the most informed purchasing decision.

Companies like Modiface are pushing forward AR implementation capabilities for digital marketing, providing customized commercial AR software that allows users to try on products in a mixed reality environment. Simply put, if you wanted to buy a piece of makeup, you could try it on even if you’re on a bus, browsing the internet on your mobile while going to work.


Natural language processing and deep learning algorithms allowed software developers to improve chatbots’ effectiveness to an astonishing rate. Instead of supplying customers with predetermined answers to questions that include certain keywords, as it was the case in the old days, these new customer support software solutions can understand the client that interacts with them.

Moreover, the answers chatbots provide are not drawn from a database with previously set series of potential answers rather the result of analysis based on the question asked and the resources available online. Also, chatbots can serve multiple clients simultaneously, which we could expect, should render human customer service agents obsolete.

The benefits of these super-intelligent chatbots include increased quality of service at a lower price, which is a business model to which every business owner would subscribe to without a question.


Digital marketing, as well as any other software related industry is rapidly changing, bringing new potential for business scaling and customer satisfaction with each passing year. These are the innovations that will certainly plant deep roots next year and reshape the way we conduct online business. It’s important to stay ahead of these events and implement every strategy that improves the cost-efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing endeavors.

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