Identification of app objectives and target audience 

Much before you get to the stage of finalizing the app marketing budget, you should flesh out who your target audience is and what is your app objective is. While the Product Discovery phase gives the answers to these questions, it won’t hurt to revisit the findings when you are nearing the stage of mobile app marketing.

Do the keyword research

Identifying the right set of keywords is a very important part of the process for mobile app discoverability. One that you’ll find in every app marketing guide. Your application will stand a lot better chance if you what language your users will use to reach your mobile app through natural searches.

Since this is just the homework stage, you need not pay heed to the positioning portion of the keyword as of now.

The promotion strategies for mobile app are primarily made of two stages – Pre-Launch and Post-Launch marketing. Now, unlike the design and development part of the process, where the efforts reduce once the app is deployed, the efforts needed both before and after the app launch stages, in case of app marketing, are the same.

Let us look into the pre and post launch mobile app marketing tips.

Pre-Launch App Marketing Strategy

This is the stage which would enable you to create awareness about your application in the market. Here are the things that will have to be covered in the pre-launch app marketing stage.

Finalize a release date 

A good starting point would be to finalize the release date of the application. Having a time frame in mind would help devise better marketing strategies. When deciding on the launch date, consider all holidays and events happening around the date, this will help ensure that the app is not getting overshadowed.

Build A Great App Landing Page

Mobile app landing pages have become some sort of a must-have for businesses looking to generate eyeballs right once the development phase starts nearing its end. The benefits of mobile app landing page can be manifold. First, you can use all the information collected on the page for conversion purposes. Next, you can use the content on the page for SEO purposes – improving the app’s ranking on the search engines.

Outreach initiatives 

One of the mobile app marketing tips that works best in favour of promoting an application is the outreach initiatives that a business takes. While it would be a lot more beneficial for a startup to start rolling out PRs and Articles from the stage where the app’s beta version is out, it’d be beneficial to start creating a list of prospects to reach out, in advance.

You should have a ready list of PR professionals, bloggers, and social media influencers before you start promoting your application. It’d also help your mobile app marketing strategy to keep a few pitch ready with you beforehand to then send to the agencies.

Open social media profiles 

While assumed to start once there is a link to download the app, ideally, the stage where you create social media profiles should occur 1-2 months prior.

You should start with identifying who your target audience is and which platform do they frequent. On the basis of that information, open social media profiles and start posting content on them to keep the users’ interest in place.

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