Benefits of Learning Web Development Skills: Web development is a creative method and skill to create functionality in the web pages by using programming languages. Programming languages are used to create applications, websites, services, products that run through the internet.

There are many things in the web development process and mostly it depends on the lifecycle of application or website. The main work is to create the functionality, process in the website and automation of various solutions.

Following are the few examples of the web development process:

  • Creation of the web pages that enable users to input commands and get output, sign up and sign out functionality to use the application such as Gmail.
  • Creation of the communication channels between two user accounts such as WhatsApp.
  • Visualization of data or information and connectivity with the source on the single web page from existed websites on the internet such as Google.
  • A connection between two bank accounts and other options to transfer and receive money such as Google Pay.

Things to remember: 

While following web development and programming terms look the same such as

  • Web Pages – Websites
  • Web Development – Website Development
  • Web Apps – Web Application
  • Mobile Application – Desktop Application
  • Programmer – Developer
  • Software Engineer – Software Developer
  • Apps Developer – Web Developer
  • Creator – Programmer – Designer
  • Front End Developer – Backend Developer – Full Stack Developer


But still, there is a difference. That difference is about expertise, development area, and specific knowledge.

If you’re creating apps then it’s ok to say, apps developer. But when you’re creating websites but you say apps developer then it’s a little complex. The role of a developer is to develop the soul in the design. Without design, there is no development. Every apps, web or software needs a design before it’s development starts.

One person can be a website designer, web developer, apps developer, software developer, software engineer even SEO and content writer. And he or she can be expert in these all. But in companies and jobs, the person is treated as per the expertise. There is no one who knows everything. But there are some who knows more than others. You can call them genius or problem solver.

Now it depends on the company, they hire problem solver, innovator, genius or whatever. I will talk about this later, but right now let’s back to the benefits of learning web development skills.

Important Web Development Skills or Expertise:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript, Jquery
  • Web Design
  • PHP or Python or Ruby
  • Github
  • Bootstrap
  • Cloud Computing
  • Responsive website design


So now I hope you understand what is web development. Now let’s start understanding, the benefits of learning web development.

1. Innovation:

Innovation is an important part of human development. Innovation is important for individuals,  organizations, and businesses. It’s important in health, education, construction, and environmental activities as well as in our daily life. Innovation is about new things, new solutions for old problems and old methods, replacement of costly services from new products and replacement of time-consuming processes to less time-consuming.

Let’s understand innovation in the example:

  • The Internet is innovation after the computer.
  • Listing Websites – is a new way to find a local small business or nearby solutions.
  • Social Media Websites is a new way to connect and communicate with friends.
  • Video Content Sites is a personalized entertainment method.
  • Payment Wallets is a new way to receive and transfer money.
  • Cloud storage is a new way to save, host, share data and information.
  • Freelancing websites are new ways to get projects and jobs.
  • A personal portfolio website is a new resume.
  • Online Courses is a new way to learn and build skills.
  • Online Degree programs are new ways to get certified.
  • Online Shopping is a new way for the shopping experience.


You can say these are the innovation or copy of the offline process, management, systems. It’s helpful for those who want speed, accuracy, low cost, higher returns, and growth-oriented automation.

Technically, IT-related innovation is inspired by the definition of a computer.

If you think the internet is really helping your life and business then it’s because people invested their time and resources in the innovation 3-4 decades ago.

That’s why if you learn web development skills today it’s possible that you will create new solutions, new products, sources, services that are more human and environmentally friendly.

Learning gives you creativity and creativity makes your images larger and the process to convert imagination into reality is innovation. And the start can be from web development or programming.

2. Web Development as a freelancer:

If you want to work with different clients, on different projects, in different times, in different payouts and in different places or from home then you can select freelancing. You can do it full time or part-time. You can run it as a business. You can earn as much you want.

Your skill as a web developer will be used in a variety of website-related works such as:

  • Development of the new website from design.
  • Changes and editing in the functionality of the website or theme.
  • Development of the website or apps from scratch.
  • Fault finding in the website.
  • Creation of new services, products that run through the internet.
  • Connectivity between two or more sources from a single place and feedback.


There are lots of works, jobs, projects, business related to web development. Learning Web Development skills after website design or basic computer education is the fastest way to get a good job with a higher pay scale.

3. Web Development Services as an Agency:

After working for a few years in web development companies with some sort of good leadership skills you can start a web development agency. In which you can hire 2-3 people and work full time. 10-20 clients are enough in the first year of start to manage the cost.

4. Startups

The majority of web developers go for jobs, freelancing. But I mean from the startup that is not about providing web development services. It’s about innovation. You can read the first point again to understand it better.

It’s now a business. It can be new banking services, hotel services, travel services, transportation, accounts and it can be for health, education, employment, environment, transportation etc. Something latest that disrupts the market and breaks the monopoly. For this, it’s important to have an idea, process, team, budget, marketing plan, and leadership skills. It can be started with 1 person.

5. Jobs:

Web Development, apps development or programming jobs are more in demands from the last 10 years. And it will grow more due to cloud computing, cloud hosting and involvement of artificial intelligence. Every business needs a website. But now every business is trying to automate and manage its business from the apps. Not only that existed successful businesses are investing in the technologies and inventing new ways of working and living style. But who will do all these works? Obviously web developer, apps developer, and programmers working and will work for the applications of the internet.

If you’re looking for jobs then after learning the basics of web development and programming you can specialize in any of the following such as :

  • Android apps developer
  • iOS Apps Developer
  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Front End Web Developer
  • Back End Web Developer


But remember, don’t stop improving your skills. Today, if you’re doing web development, then you should plan to learn apps development in the future along with the job

All kind of companies needs skilled teams and technologies to succeed in the market. And for that, if you’re an expert in latest technologies then your demands, salary always growing.

Any web developer can earn from RM4000 to RM6000 monthly salary. And after working for a few years in the company as a web developer you will have many options. After that you will have the experience, technical skills, leadership skills and you will be financially stable. In that time you can think to start your own innovative startup, own business or anything that will look best according to the situation.

Important things to remember is that if you work in a startup as a web developer you have more chances to grow your career and skills as per the growth of startups. the salary can be low in the startup but in future, it can be 100% double as per the success. And you will get the job in startup faster than bigger companies. And once you have experienced then you can apply for bigger companies with your own rates.

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