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  • 49% of people open a mobile app at least ten times a day.
  • 45.4% of the global population uses a smartphone.

The above stats give a clear hint over the significance of mobile apps for any business enterprise.

Mobile app development is no more considered a tool for staying ahead of the competition. With widespread use, apps have become a tool to stay in the competition and not lack behind.

If you are an entrepreneur or owner of an SME, you must not neglect mobile apps for your business growth and development.


Here are the Top 10 Reasons/Benefits of Mobile App Development for Business Enterprises


#1  Reaches a worldwide audience

The world consists of 7.7 billion people, and 3.5+ billion of them owns a smartphone. Wait, that’s not all of it; as a research, more than 2 hours is spent by consumers over mobile apps.

Mobile apps aids business reaches a larger target audience and promotes developing an efficient marketing strategy for the app.


#2  High accessibility with and without internet

A mobile app is accessible to users from anywhere at any time. Once the user downloads the mobile app, he or she can access it from the office, home, cafeteria, etc.

Moreover, the app performs simple functions even in the absence of an internet connection. So, mobile apps effectively enhance the accessibility of an enterprise.


#3  On the Go marketing

Mobile apps with their intuitive and user-friendly interface support on-the-go marketing of the business enterprise. Having a mobile app is like creating an enterprise’s presence in a client’s pocket.

Be it a delivery update or addressing a client’s grievance, the app manages all with taps and scrolls. A multi-functional app delivers unique value propositions supporting on-the-go marketing of the enterprise.


#4  Facilitates Client’s Feedback

Consumer feedback is a prime aspect of any business enterprise. Identifying the needs of the consumer plays a crucial role in developing an engaging relationship with clients.

Mobile apps allow clients a convenient platform to offer feedback about the business products and services. You may find it surprising, but as per app development stats, 77% of consumers view brands as more suitable, which invests in allowing and collecting consumer feedback.

Overall, mobile apps facilitate quick and effective feedback management.


#5  Enhance Service and Sales with AR

Along with AR and VR integration, mobile app development has revolutionized the way businesses are handling clients. Big billion enterprises like Ikea, Dulux Paints, Gucci, and SMEs like Lenskart, Makaan, and many more have relied on AR-based mobile apps to enhance revenue.

With mobile apps, clients have a detailed knowledge of the products and services they are investing in. As per research, companies with AR-based apps have boosted conversion rates by 40%.


#6  Promotes brand recognition

Brand awareness is a crucial step for staying at the top of the mind of the clients. With mobile apps, business enterprises can conveniently offer quality services to clients.

For example, a restaurant app allows users to have real-time knowledge about the availability of seats, dining hours, etc. It proves convenient for diners to book seats, place an order, etc., via the app.

With enhanced services, the mobile app effectively boosts brand recognition among clients.


#7  Keeps you in the competition

The infographic above gets based on 2018 data, which means more than 50% of business enterprises already have mobile apps. In fact, as per a report, 80% of small and medium business enterprises now have mobile apps.

Sacrificing on mobile apps leads to a severe setback of the enterprise with significant loss of potent clients. Hire app developers of Applify for your enterprise to develop an intuitive mobile app for your business.


#8  Cultivates Brand Loyalty

Encouraging brand loyalty among the consumers and clients is a concern for enterprises. With the world gone digital offering, digital discount coupons have become an essential way of ensuring loyalty programs.

Mobile apps notify the administrator about the interest of the user over specific products and offers. It helps the managing committee to plan personalized brand loyalty programs and offers for the users.


#9  Social Media Integration as a marketing tool

Social media platforms top the list of most used mobile apps worldwide. People enjoy liking, sharing, commenting, etc., about the products, services, and enterprises offering them. When a user shares positive feedback over a social media platform, he or she ultimately promotes your enterprise.

Integrating social media icons where users can share valuable feedback over the platform proves as an effective marketing tool for the enterprise.


#10  Facilitates market research 

Conducting in-depth market analysis and research to find consumer preference is an integral part of a business enterprise. With mobile apps, the research team has quick and convenient access to consumers’ data.

From the app’s reviews section, the team can analyze the quality of products and services, areas of improvement, etc.

Having learned the top benefits of app development, you must be thinking about how exactly you can create an app! Well, connecting with an android app development company or iOS like Applify is a crucial step towards it.


However, before you consult for the app, you can do the following:


Step-1: Research your idea: Your app idea is a solution to the issue you are facing in your enterprise. You need to analyze what exactly you want the app to perform.

Step-2: Note down the app features: Take a notebook and write down each element you wish to integrate into the app. You may not know the exact technical term for each of them, but you must ensure to convey it to the team of hired professionals.

Step-3: Allocate Budget: It is necessary to allocate resources and define the project budget. suffering from financial constraints at the mid of the project leads to undesirable loss.

Step-4: Research the target platform: Whether you should go for iOS app development or Android depends on the app’s target audience. If you want to reach a larger audience, you can also opt for hybrid app development of the project.

Step-5: Analyze the technology stack of the app: The different software, tools, etc., needed for the development of the app constitutes the technology stack of the app. The standard technology stack of the app includes MEAN, MERN, RoR, Flutter, Xamarin, etc.

Step-6: Connect with a reliable firm: Once done with the above steps you need to connect with a top iOS app development company or Android company likes Applify. While choosing a firm, always look for: value for money offered, project warranty, clutch ratings, price-matching, etc which Applify can meet all of the requirement above.

Having covered the steps of creating a mobile app, let’s quickly look at its cost.


Cost of creating Mobile apps

The cost of creating mobile apps mainly depends upon the following factors:

  • The overall project complexity.
  • A total number of features of the app.
  • Target platform whether Android, iOS, or hybrid.
  • Total hours of development.
  • Hourly rate.

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